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Thai Rod Dee

The Heaven for Thai Food Lovers!

Rod Dee in Thai means "Good Taste". Thai food is well known worldwide for its unique taste. It is not difficult to find Thai restaurants around your area to try some Thai dishes, but it's not easy to find the one that serves very real Thai cuisine. If you have tried traditional Thai cuisine, you definiely know what we mean. The owner of Thai Rod Dee is from Thailand and wants everyone to try real Thai cuisine as it is available in Thailand or as close as close as possible.

In Thai food, you will find the great balancing of different tastes such as sweet, salty, spicy, and sour with variety of vegetables and meats. Thai Rod Dee is bringing authentic Thai dishes close to you at this location. Eating good and tasty foods make everyone happy. We can make you happy here at our restaurant. Plesae visit us to try our Thai foods. See You!